ACEC Missouri’s PAC and ACEC/PAC is the engineering industry’s primary tool for political engagement at the state and national level.  Supported by engineering professionals who work for member firms as well as the member firms, the sole purpose of our PACs is to elect candidates at the state and national level who support policies and legislation favorable to the engineering industry.  The PACs support candidates on a bipartisan basis.

The goal for the state PAC is to reach $40,000 in contributions from member firms as well as member representatives.  The goal for ACEC Missouri on the national level is $23,763.  We want to reach both goals this year and with help of member representatives and member firms, we can accomplish that.  To contribute to the state and national PAC, click on the links below.  To see the listing of recommended contributions for both state and national, click HERE.  Also, below is a list for both the state and national PACs showing who has contributed so far.  We’ll keep this updated as contributions come in.